• Laura

Energy Vampires

I learned about Energy Vampires a few years ago through Jon Gordon's book "The Energy Bus." I could relate to the character... just reading about George sucked the life out of me. Fast forward to today... Energy Vampires are everywhere. They seemed to have multiplied and now they are even the "wah wah!" on social media. The way people are in person evne translates to the social media aspect with their posts. Come on, life itself is filled with such negativity already... be grateful, be happy, be thankful you woke up this morning.

I love meeting people who have had a life-changing experience, like an accident or a near death experience. Those people really have a reason to be thankful for each breathe... I get inspired by their stories because that's what I want... to live like today could be my last. One of my favorite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

So, I got on a rabbit trail... Energy Vampires... I was reading a book by Jennifer O'Neill "Energy Vampires" and my daughter, Claudia, sees it and starts telling me about a new show on FX "What we do in the Shadows" it's about Vampires and there is an energy vampire on the show, the next day she sends me this video... enjoy! Don't take your next breathe for granted, Carpe Diem! It's ok to be a Vampire just don't be an Energy Vampire :)

Find the chuckles in life and make great memories with those that matter.


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